Do You Smell Your Dog Before You See Him?

Schedule a dog bath for your pooch in Missoula, MT

Is your dog beginning to smell a little, well, like a wet dog? Maybe your mischievous mutt found a mud puddle great for splashing around in. Maybe your dog went on an incredible journey with his friends, coming back looking like a feral fluff monster. Whatever the case is, you can bring your pup in for a dog bath at 2 Barking Sisters' Dog Spaw in Missoula, MT.

At our pet spa, you can count on our staff to gently and lovingly attend to your pride and joy. Your dog is a member of your family, and we'll treat her or him as such.

Make an appointment with us today by calling 406-531-2765.

Don't worry-our products are safe

When the professionals at 2 Barking Sisters' Dog Spaw give your dog a bath at our pet spa in Missoula, MT, you rest easy knowing we're using the safest and most gentle products on the market. Your pup will be getting only the highest-quality shampooing services.

While your pup is here, we'll trim her toe nails and give her a light scenting that, again, is perfectly safe. You love long, luxurious baths, and so will your dog. Set up a dog bath appointment with us right now.